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I live alone and my DSTV is of great importance to me – it is something I rely on for “company” as well as for entertainment and information. When repeated power outages due to construction on the property damaged my decoder and dish, my signal disappeared, leaving me anxious and rather lost. The knowledgeable and friendly technicians from Dstv Installations Muckleneuk Heuwel were really kind and understanding, appreciating the need for a quick solution to my problem. They responded promptly to my call and by the next morning had repaired my dish and delivered and installed a brand-new decoder. I was very impressed by this service.

I own a coffee shop, and decided to install DSTV to play on a wall-mounted TV set. This has proved to be very successful. Customers are still able to enjoy their own conversations, but can glance up to keep up with breaking news on one of the international news channels fixed by dstv installers Muckleneuk Heuwel.

Important sporting events have also proved to be hugely popular with customers wanting to keep track of results. The experienced and approachable technicians from Dstv Installations Muckleneuk Heuwel worked efficiently and so unobtrusively that the installation barely affected our daily service. This has added an up-to-date, lively atmosphere to the ambience of the coffee shop.

We made the decision to have DSTV installed in our travel agency. The technicians from Dstv Installations Muckleneuk Heuwel were able to find the perfect location for the satellite dish on the roof of the shopping mall in which we are situated, and also installed a TV set and decoder in the agency efficiently and neatly, answering my many anxious questions. The installation is an inspired addition to the agency, as having travel documentaries playing in the background, with gorgeous vistas of exotic scenery, adds just the right flavour of excitement and adventure to our clients’ experiences as they select and book their vacations.

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