The Cold Pressed Juice Co.

Getting your daily dose of fruit and veggies is a delight at The Cold Pressed Juice Co. The little juice bar is keeping things fresh and healthy at 8MS with their incredible selection of cold pressed juices.

Store owner Ralph has a knack for the natural. His juice bar only uses fresh produce extracted using hydraulic pressure that breaks down the cell walls and release the phytonutrients that allow for that golden standard of juicing. Jam packed with nutrients and vitamins, the juices make for a great healthy alternative to the more sugary, faux fresh juices more commonly found around town.

The Cold Pressed Juice Co kicked off in 2011 as the first cold pressed juice company in South Africa. Trailblazing their way forward, the brand’s juices are in high demand amongst restaurants and hotels, something which saw the need for space and ultimately the move to the 8MS family.

What started as a startup running out of his home is now a juicy tale of success. Head down to 8MS for a slurp of the good stuff at The Cold Pressed Juice Co.