Spine Clothing

“We’re not bad boys, we’re just naughty, we’re punks.”

Thiran Moodley is the visionary behind ready-to-wear label Spine and as the name suggests, this is a store with a whole lot of backbone. Spine is more than just a brand, it’s a representation of who they are as people and the lifestyle that they lead. Bringing together many different influences under a punk ethos, the only thing Spine cares about is not caring, and their clothes of course.

Thiran holds a degree in economics management and marketing but after growing up in a family with a history in textiles, and not being able to find clothing that he liked in the shops, he decided to start making it himself. He self-studied and accredits YouTube for almost everything he knows about stitching garments together. Before he set up shop at 8MS, Thiran was working as a ladieswear designer. After taking a break from work, he made the decision to start making apparel for himself, a move that let him have full control over what he wanted to do and how he wanted to do it. Spine then went on to become one of the pioneering pods at 8MS.

Spine differs from other streetwear brands in that their garments are not solely about form but function too. Their clothing is versatile and as Thiran says, “You wear it out, you can wear it to the beach, you can wear it to the mall, you can wear it to the nightclub, you can wear it to a wedding.” They endeavour to keep everything local and none of their items are made in China. Thiran handles garment construction himself, everything from making and cutting the patterns to stitching it all together. He sources the fabric and much of the time, the fabric is not generally used for menswear. He also ensures that everything is 100% cotton to help people stay fresh in the Durban summer. Spine also believes in quality over quantity and therefore everything is made in limited numbers with designs only being duplicated to cover sizes, thereby driving the cult of individualism that Spine celebrates.

Not afraid to get up to a bit of troublemaking, Spine are always coming up with schemes to disrupt the status quo and one can only wonder about what they’re currently hiding up their impeccably tailored sleeves. Thiran’s answer when asked about his plans for the future? “I’m not telling.” Very naughty indeed.

P.S. Their pod has a mirror that makes people look thinner and taller. Use this information as you wish.