Rooispace: The Heart of Durban Streetwear

Streetwear is hot and trending for 2016. What’s even hotter? Streetwear coming from the heart and soul of the South African street and fashion scenes. Thanks to 8MS pod Rooispace, Durbanites can rest assured that there’s a new kid on the block, and he’s got all the umswenko a wardrobe could need.

Store owner, Wandile is originally a Pietermaritzburg boy who made the move to Durbs due to studying. The trendy young blood stands as a testament to his simple and stylish eye for urban wear. His store distributes South African brands such as the ever-growing creations of Sol Sol, and Thesis who offer pieces such as patterned bucket hats and stylin’ Tees.

What started as pop stores for events such as Cool Out Vintage, has now grown into Wandile owning his first flagship store at 8MS. With plans of expansion and possibly creating and distributing a brand of his own, Wandile is levelling up as a young businessman and ambassador for SA talent.

For some authentic SA streetwear give Rooispace a visit. The vibes are fresh, the company friendly, and the clothing fresh off the block.