Father Moon

The notion of style is boundless. From the words we chatter, to the subtle nuances in how we choose to move and dress, style is the manifestation of what we know and, more importantly, what we like.

Be it the choice of a red hat or the picking up of a book, our choices are tailored to a collection of thoughts and feelings that make us unique as people. Writer and store owner at Father Moon, Ali, knows all about how deep style can run. The Malawian travelled to South Africa to pursue his dreams of becoming a writer. It was here that he studied the art and nurtured many works that soon came to inspire the very name of his little pod at 8MS. What is Father Moon? Well, the store, for now, offers a wonderful collection of handpicked clothing chosen for their unique edge and enticing fabrics. His shelves boast a plethora of books ranging in might and subject matter. In between the mix of books and clothing gems are weird and wonderful rings, spectacles frames, and nik naks, all on display for anyone looking to spice up their wardrobe.

Father Moon, as it stands today, is only the beginning of what will become a meeting spot for writers, readers, and creators who wish to share in the hungry hunt for knowledge. What now boasts mostly clothing,and a small selection of books, will soon change to sell mostly books with a small selection of rare clothing gems. “People need more clothing than books”, says Ali, alluding to his future plans of curating a book store. With plans such as book and poetry sessions in the works, Father Moon is a space to watch for those who uniquely style their bodies and minds.

There is something special about this little store. From the street edge of the clothing, to the enviable book shelf and quirky bits and bobs, the store is the kind that makes you want to be more like yourself. For those looking for inspiration or like-minded souls, Father Moon provides a perfect spot to kit out your wardrobe and mind. Ali is going to be doing some incredible things with the space, so join the makings of a movement and pop into Father Moon for some style that digs deep.