Even Flow: Bespoke Decor & Wildlife Products

It was just 3 years ago when partners Brett and Wayne joined forces, and we couldn’t be happier about it. The dynamic duo jumped through all the hoops, some ablaze, to bring us the exquisite creations of Even Flow, the delightful decor store right here at 8MS.

For those with an eye for Africa, Even Flow provides thoughtfully made, bespoke decor and furniture of an impeccable quality. Out of a deep respect and appreciation for the Nguni cow came the inspiration turned incredible creations hip flasks to lamps boasting that uniquely Even Flow touch. With a love for South Africa at the heart of the store its ethos strives to educate people, near and far, about sustainability and the importance of quality products that support local talents. In the face of depleting African resources, Brett and Wayne only use ethically sourced materials and use their use their store as a means of encouraging people to both buy and create ethically.

As firm believers in quality over quantity, the store stands out by committing to an eye for detail, character, and, of course, great style. Brett and Wayne are encouraging people to ditch the cheap and nasty and become local fundis. After all, Durbs is brimming with hot, local talent, if we do say so ourselves. 8MS makes for the perfect setting for Even Flow as they stir up enough South African appreciation to make us want to grab our hearts and start belting Nkosi Sikelel! “ We’re a family here”, Wayne says, smiling around at the building that has become a second home he looks forward to everyday.

3 years down the line and it’s easy to see how many pats on the back these two men deserve. Tackling local and foreign markets is no walk in the park, however, their recent dabbles in the Netherlands is testament to where a commitment to value, quality, and hard work can get you. Come steal a chat with these great lads and a shop on the wild side. With bespoke wall art, decor, furnishings, furniture, fittings & wildlife products, these gorgeous pieces are out of Africa and out of this world!

Even Flow is one of the many retail attractions at 8MS. Be sure to stick around and check out the rest of the 8MS family!