Also Artisan Gallery: Art in South Africa

At its core, South Africa beats with a unique culture of community, history, and art. Art is the technicoloured thread woven through the very fabric of who and how we are, and boy, is it something to celebrate. Art gallery, Artisan is helping local art shout loud and proud with it’s incredible and growing collection of fine art and craft from South Africa and Africa at large.

The fun-sized gallery is an offshoot from its main base on Florida Road. While smaller, the 8MS Artisan gallery delivers a hard knock of talent. Sensorially, the store is a delight. From the eclectic mix of colours, mediums and subject matter, you cannot help but want to step closer for a keen inspection. Gallery managers Themba and Jessica run a tight ship and know their stuff when it comes to hot, local talent. While dominantly curating South African art, the gallery always welcomes art from greater Africa too.

With future plans of African and international expansion, Artisan can look forward to ushering more local artists into a much deserved spotlight. The showroom provides a room with a view that ultimately acts as a meeting place for the creators, curators and art appreciators alike, all beautifully packaged in the cultural hub of 8MS.

Come and spread some art appreciation and check out the wonderful mix of homegrown art that is Artisan.